Preventing Adolescent Relapse

Many adolescents relapse because they have never entered treatment.  This course will focus on effective treatment techniques that will improve recovery rates for chemically dependent adolescents.  Procedures for developing accurate diagnosis, treatment planning, and preventing relapse will be reviewed.  The required reading material Preventing Adolescent Relapseî can be read quickly and easily and is a valuable aid for helping adolescent clients that focuses on the unique relationship between normal adolescent development, adolescent disorders, as well as adolescent chemical dependency.


Course Objectives Upon completion of this homestudy course, the participant will be able to:

  1. Understand the complex interaction between normal adolescent development, adolescent disorders, and adolescent chemical dependence.
  2. Understand what treatment strategies have with chemically dependent adolescents and why.
  3. The participant will learn the adolescent developmental model of recovery.
  4. The participant will learn adolescent relapse warning signs                 
  5. The participant will be exposed to concrete strategies for preventing relapse.

This 9 credit hour course is offered for $120.00. If you do not require the book Preventing Adolescent Relapse by Tammy Bell, the course is available at a discounted rate of $110.00. 


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