Denial Management Counseling

This home study addresses Denial in addiction.  Denial is a serious problem in the treatment of addiction and related personality and mental disorders. Denial Management Counseling (DMC) is a comprehensive system for identifying and managing the self-reinforcing denial patterns that often prevent addicted people and their families from engaging in and maintaining recovery. 

This home study course describes the Twelve Common Denial Patterns (the Big Five and the Small Seven) and explains the master DMC Treatment Plan. This home study and accompanying text book will show you new and powerful denial management skills to help you review and organize the skills you already possess. It discusses a number of issues related to motivating clients to recover by using a systematic process to manage denial, overcome treatment resistance, identify serious problems, and motivate clients to solve them.

Course Objectives:  Upon completion of this home study course, the participant will be able to:

  1. Understand the Philosophy and Definition of Denial.
  2. Review the processes of Denial Pattern Identification, Denial Pattern Management and the Dynamics of Denial.
  3. Develop and implement a treatment plan for teaching client’s denial and self-management in individual, group and psychoeducational sessions.
  4. Illustrate how to directly deal with the twelve most common denial patterns used by addicted clients. 
  5. Develop in-depth recognition and acceptance of addiction, the current stage of recovery, and current factors that can increase relapse risk.
  6. Identify and manage addictive thinking, addictive feelings and emotions.


This 13 credit hour course is offered for $175.00. If you do not require the book, Denial Management Counseling-Advanced Clinical Skills for Motivating Substance Abusers to Recover written by Terence. T. Gorski, there is a discounted rated of $165.00.



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