Addiction-Free Pain Management

The APM system is a treatment approach developed by Dr. Stephen F. Grinstead that uses the Gorski-CENAPS® model to integrate the most advanced pain management methods developed at the nation’s leading pain clinics, with the most effective treatment methods for addictive disorders developed at the nation’s leading chemical dependency treatment programs. The result is a unique integration of treatment methods that combine proper medication management with non-medical techniques to insure both chronic pain management and addiction treatment. This leads to relief of pain while lowering or eliminating the risk of addiction or relapse. APM protocols have been field tested in several different treatment settings and have been proven very effective.
The APM treatment system can help people find recovery and avoid relapse. It is possible even for those who need to take appropriately prescribed psychoactive pain medication.  Severe chronic pain can cause relapse.  Additionally, chemical dependency issues can block effective pain clinic treatment. The difficulty with these modalities is that neither treats both conditions at the same time. This APM home study course will explains the differences between the addictive disorder and the pain disorder and how to implement a synergistic treatment approach—i.e. APM.


Course Objectives Upon completion of this homestudy course, the participant will be able to:

  1. Understand and explain the needs and obstacles confronting patients who are both chemically dependent and have chronic pain conditions.
  2. Teach clients effective non-chemical pain management strategies and identify red flags that indicate a chronic pain patient is experiencing problems with their medication management plan.
  3. Help their pain patients differentiate between their physiological and psychological/emotional pain symptoms.
  4. Understand and explain the importance of a multidisciplinary treatment team working together to overcome the obstacles facing this population and be able to develop a recovery plan that addresses both the chronic pain and the addictive disorder.

This 10 credit hour course is offered for $120.00.



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